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Sharing experience and expertise is our passion!

The goal of is to share and increase knowledge within the touchscreen behavioural research community. Supported by BrainsCAN, Western University’s neuroscience research initiative, draws on world-leading expertise from labs at Western.


Our two day, hands-on training course from June 3-4, 2019, can help if you are interested in learning how to use touchscreens or expanding your touchscreen knowledge (spaces are limited; register early). We are also organizing and hosting the inaugural International Touchscreen Cognition Symposium at Western: New frontiers in cognitive testing using touchscreen technology. Join us and other world leaders in touchscreen cognitive testing for the two day conference from June 5-6, 2019. Register below.

Touchscreen training course

June 3 -4

Western University

Interested in learning how to use touchscreens, or looking to expand your touchscreen knowledge? Take part in a hands-on training course on touchscreen technology.


From June 3-4, touchscreen experts from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada will host a two-day, in-person training course. The training program consists of several modules that include lectures and active learning components.


This practical training course will give researchers a chance to learn from experts in touchscreen technology while working collaboratively with a small group of peers. Tours of Western’s touchscreen facilities are included. The course will also provide free attendance to the International Touchscreen Cognition Symposium.


Register early; limited spaces are available.

Tentative Modules

1. Getting started


2. a) Tour of Western touchscreen facilities


2. b) Touchscreen maintenance


3. Data acquisition


4. Data analysis


5. Introduction to


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Advanced Modules (by request only)

1. Task development and modification

2. Combining touchscreen behaviour with modern neuroscience techniques

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International Symposium: 

New frontiers in cognitive testing using touchscreen technology

June 5 – 6

Western University

From June 5-6, join world leaders in touchscreen cognitive testing for a two-day conference on behavioural testing in London, Ontario, Canada.


The program for this symposium covers a variety of topics including the evaluation of distinct neurochemical circuits in higher level cognition, how to combine touchscreen technology with high-throughput recording of neuronal activity, and a database to increase open access availability for touchscreen research, among other subjects.


Whether you’re an early-career researcher or an established scientist, this symposium offers something for everyone.

Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, June 5

A variety of talks from new and established neuroscientists on topics including hippocampal encoding in higher levels cognition and synaptic plasticity and high-level cognition.


Thursday, June 6

A number of talks in the morning including using touchscreen tests to decipher pre-frontal cortex contributions to high level cognition and translational touchscreen technology.


The afternoon will be comprised of a datablitz on touchscreen technology.


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This training is jointly funded by BrainsCAN and the International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN). Through this generous support, we are able to waive the attendee registration fees and provide travel bursaries (subject to Western’s own travel policy). In addition, participants will also be provided per diem assistance of $60. This may be used for accommodation or other expenses incurred while attending.