Touchscreen Cognition | A virtual space for the world-wide community of touchscreen users, the touchscreen-curious and anyone just interested in improving the standards of behavioural testing.
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This project has been inspired by other open-access, outward-facing initiatives for high-tech methodologies like and Here, you can chat with other researchers interested in touchscreens and learn about touchscreen-relevant events and training opportunities.

This project has been made possible by support from BrainsCAN, Western’s multi-year cognitive neuroscience initiative, and the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF).

Tim Bussey and the BrainsCAN team @Western

Touchscreens Worldwide

Map displaying touchscreen users throughout the world

General Information

Rodent Cognition Core

Western University




Maclean’s Magazine: Bright Idea
Touchscreen chamber for mice, complete with milkshake.