1st International Symposium:

New frontiers in cognitive testing using touchscreen technology

June 5 – 6

Western University

From June 5-6, attend a two-day symposium on behavioural testing in London, Ontario, Canada. The symposium is entitled New frontiers in cognitive testing using touchscreen technology and includes leaders in the field of developing touchscreen cognitive testing and neurochemical manipulation of mouse models.


Benefits to participants:


  • Meet with experts on touchscreen technology including Drs. Tim Bussey and Lisa Saksida, who are the inventors of a system available for touchscreen testing and have over 24 years of experience in using touchscreen technology to investigate rodent cognitive function.
  • Connect and discuss with peers who are using touchscreen technology.
  • Hear from new and established scientists on a variety of cognitive behaviour methods and techniques.
  • Participate in a datablitz on touchscreen technology.
  • Free attendance.

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